Welcome to Chapman for Newark!


Luke Chapman has proudly been representing District 5 on Newark City Council since 2012. He is committed to continue serving his friends and neighbors throughout the District and hopes you will vote Chapman for Newark on April 12, 2016.


Since being elected, Luke has brought a strong voice of fiscal responsibility to City Council and focused on proactive leadership to ensure the City of Newark remains to be a wonderful place to live, work and play for another 250 plus years.


Take a look around the site. If you are interested in getting involved with Luke’s re-election bid, please send an email to luke@chapmanfornewark.com.

Luke Chapman Re-elected 376-117

Newark Post – District 5 re-elects Chapman to third term

“Thank you for the vote of confidence to re-elect me for another two years. I am excited to keep working hard for District 5.” – Luke

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It’s Election Day – Please Vote

Polls are open 7am-8pm at First Presbyterian Church on West Main St. Please remember to vote.

Polls are open 7am-8pm at First Presbyterian Church on West Main St. Please remember to vote. I’ll be here all day and am looking forward to seeing so many neighbors.

Read Luke’s Responses to the Newark Post Questionnaire

Newark Post Article – Candidates, In their own words

Newark Post introduces upcoming City Council election candidates

Serving District 5 for the past four years has been my honor, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue that work for two more years.  Closest to home, I intend to place priority attention on the revitalization of the Fairfield Shopping Center and attraction of a new high quality grocery store.  Additionally, I know the issues of traffic congestion and student housing development continue to be top concerns for us all, and I am hopeful to continue advancing the efforts for our government to get ahead of these quality of life issues.

To begin thinking about the upcoming City Council election, please read the below article from the Newark Post.

Candidate slate set for April council election


Date Change: Coffee with Councilman Chapman – Wed. 10/15 @ 6-7:30pm

My Coffee with Councilman Chapman this month has been changed from the regularly scheduled time to this Wednesday evening, October 15th, from 6PM to 7:30PM, at the Courtyard Marriot on New London Rd.  Understanding that I normally hold these open chats while many are at work I am hopeful that there will be a good turn out of District 5 neighbors to come discuss city issues on your minds.  See you this Wednesday evening!


Upcoming Election Media Round-Up

We have a very important election coming up on April 8th, and I wanted to provide as many opportunities as possible for voters to hear from myself and my challenger side-by-side.  Here are the most recent articles covering the March 26th candidate forum, as well as a questionnaire from the News Journal’s Delaware Voter Guide.

Please take the time to read these and decide for yourself, however I believe it is evident that my experience, focus and passion is desperately needed for the next two years to continue representing District 5 on Newark City Council.

Candidate Forum coverage by the News Journal

Candidate Forum coverage by the Newark Post

News Journal – Delaware Voter Guide

I look forward to your continued support on April 8th.  Thank you.

Today’s Coffee News

Thank you to the neighbors who joined me this morning at the Courtyard Marriott for my monthly coffee.  We had at least one person from multiple neighborhoods and it was terrific to have feedback from across our district.

This morning we discussed several topics including the TDC/power plant issue, Storm Water management issues, and more broadly considered ways we can work to bring our community back together.

Given that the board of adjustments appeal hearing took place Wednesday night I understand TDC/power plant was on many folk’s minds.  I shared that I agree that there are several things about this project that bring me great concern and make me uncomfortable.  Not being able to vote on it being just one major frustration.  Before we moved on to another neighbor’s question I stressed that there is a process and it is being followed.  The project is not a foregone conclusion and that there would likely be another appeal bringing the issue to the supreme court.

Our conversation then turned to storm water management and the “fee” being referenced so much lately.  We tried to recap as best as possible the items discussed and ideas introduced at the three recently held workshops throughout the city to get public input.  Everyone agrees that we have a severe problem and that we absolutely need to begin addressing it citywide as soon as possible.  The conversation and big question then is how to do this as equitably as possible, and refrain from burdening our residents any more?  From all of the feedback and great ideas collected at the workshops I am confident that the next recommendation made by the city staff on this will be fair and properly address our decaying infrastructure.

A common theme of concern I hear all too frequently is the feeling that our community has become so divided and abrasive in the recent year.  I agree and am actively working to bring us back together.  What I am talking about here is along the lines of a paradigm shift and I understand that this is no easy task, however I am confident that everyone from all sides of any given issue share a love for our city and only want the best for our community.  With that common truth at heart I believe we can capitalize on this time as an opportunity to redirect the increased public engagement for accomplishing so many positive changes in our neighborhoods and city alike.  After the election I will be reaching out to the neighborhood civic associations and various neighbors I have identified as neighborhood ambassadors to sit together for the purpose of discussing how we can better communicate, as well as ideas for community building projects.

Thank you again for those that joined me this morning and I am looking forward to our April chats at the next Coffee with your Councilman.  Thursday, April 17th 8:30-10AM at the Courtyard Marriott on New London Rd.

ADA Candidate Questionnaire: Responses side by side

With the upcoming election on April 8th my challenger and I were asked to complete a questionnaire to shed insight on our thoughts on various items that may be on the voter’s mind.  Here is a link to see the questionnaire and responses.  http://delawareada.org/advocacy/electoral-politics/newark-council-elections/district5/questionnaire/

Update: Newark Police activity in Fairfield Crest

I am sure many of my neighbors have noticed and been concerned about the police activity on Fremont Rd in Fairfield Crest since last night.  It saddens me to share this news regarding the discovery of the skeletal remains of missing person John Dohms , who was last seen in Sept. 2012.  My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Dohms’ family.

Here is the Newark Police Department press release for more information: https://www.facebook.com/notes/newark-delaware-police-department/skeletal-remains-found-identified-as-missing-person-john-dohms/483040288485216

Today’s Coffee News

Thank you to all those to came out to the Courtyard Marriott this morning for my monthly Coffee with Councilman Chapman.  We had a good turn out and I thought it would be good to review share with those who could not make it today what items were raised by our neighbors.

– City Utility Billing online access:  Issues of a lack of user-friendliness, recent billing timeliness, and easier electronic payment ability.  Luke’s Notes: I agree, our system is difficult.  I am looking into this with both the Finance Director and newly improved Technology team.

– City Vehicles:  Do they have radio communications in every vehicle?  Issue being a resident saw one of our City plow operators speaking on their cell phone held to their face while plowing the street.  Luke’s Notes:  Not only is this illegal and un-safe, it is an obvious issue needing to be addressed.  I have passed the details along to our City Manager, Carol Houck and expect a strong message to be shared with all employees.

– Plowing:  Many issues here with such a snowy Winter.  Plowing quality in the neighborhoods and on Main Street specifically have been very poor.  Many streets are left to be barely more than single lane. Also, on major roadways plowed by DelDot the plows push the snow with such force that it is being thrown well into private property and making the shoveling of sidewalks near impossible.  Luke’s Notes:  I have been working with City staff already to address a few of these issues.  I know that our Public Works Director met with DelDot today to discuss this and am waiting for a briefing. Also, I am exploring the idea of the City taking some responsibility for sidewalk clearing on those “emergency route” roadways where DelDot is plowing.

I look forward to providing updates on all these and more as soon as possible.

Hope to see everyone at the next Coffee with Councilman Chapman Thursday, March 20th from 8:30-10am, at the Courtyard Marriott.